This is the podcast for leaders who have hit a ceiling and or slump in both your professional and personal lives.  Look for a weekly episode that will be filled with small yet effective actionable tips.  This podcast will be produced weekly and the best way to keep up to date is to subscribe to the podcast via your smartphone through Itunes for Iphones / Ipads and Stitcher or Google Play for Android phones and tablets. (The Itunes and Stitcher options will be available by Aug 1, 2017 so the links to the left are not active yet. Hey, it’s part of my “Practice” not “perfection” philosophy.)  If you want to join the Practice Gym for free tips and actionable items, then go to to begin your free membership.


We will have many options for you to choose from that will help you both personally and professionally.  I look forward to serving you and helping you to practice so that you can discover, design and then do what you were meant to do.




017 – How to Be An Effective Mentor and Mentee

How do you successfully mentor someone? It's both easier and more difficult than you think. It's easy when you learn to set standards and expectations from your end and relay them to the potential mentee. It becomes difficult when you leave the interaction to chance....

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014 – Freedom to Choose – It is all on You

Life happens and sometimes we feel powerless. No one escapes untouched in this game we call life, yet it doesn't have to look and feel dire. You have more options than you think. The key is to adopt and practice the, "Freedom to Choose." Are you ready to train? Two...

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013 – Eliminate vs Alleviate

What's the distinction between "Eliminate and Alleviate?"  Subtle yet huge.  Listen to this weeks podcast to see how and when yo use both of them separately and or concurrently.   Are you ready to train? Two things to get you started: 1) Here is your CHANGE...

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012 – The Benefits of a Review for Success

Are you ready to train? Two things to get you started: 1) Here is the video clip that will give you a quick overview of what to expect in video format. My goal is to expand your video options as we move forward. 2) Remember that this whole process is rooted in...

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011 – Stadium Section Seat

This weeks podcast and video focus on the problem solving concept of, " Stadium, Section & Seat." With every challenge you encounter, start to think about the big picture and how to chunk it down to the actionable steps for a solution. I have also used this...

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010 – The Importance of Lead & Lag Indicators

Go here to watch the video: Lead & Lag Indicators Remember that this whole process is rooted in constant improvement and or practice. Things will not work and or need to be changed so let me know what is working and what is not. Have a great day and we'll see you...

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009 – The Need to Speak and the Benefits

Getting in front of a crowd to speak can be quite scary. Jerry Seinfeld said that if people would rather die than to give a speech then most people at a funeral would rather be in the coffin than deliver the eulogy. Maybe that is more inflated than real, yet you get...

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008 – Small Steps to Big Gains

Why don't people take action towards their goals? Because it seems too difficult. I get it because I have faced that dilemma several times myself. Whether it's a personal or professional goal, the path can look daunting and not worth the risk to pursue. People get...

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