This is the podcast for leaders who have hit a ceiling and or slump in both your professional and personal lives.  Look for a weekly episode that will be filled with small yet effective actionable tips.  This podcast will be produced weekly and the best way to keep up to date is to subscribe to the podcast via your smartphone through Itunes for Iphones / Ipads and Stitcher or Google Play for Android phones and tablets. (The Itunes and Stitcher options will be available by Aug 1, 2017 so the links to the left are not active yet. Hey, it’s part of my “Practice” not “perfection” philosophy.)  If you want to join the Practice Gym for free tips and actionable items, then go to to begin your free membership.


We will have many options for you to choose from that will help you both personally and professionally.  I look forward to serving you and helping you to practice so that you can discover, design and then do what you were meant to do.




006 – The Practice Gym – Take the Shot

Go here to watch the video, Take the Shot What does it mean to, "Take the Shot"? To take action, especially on something that may make you a little scared or fearing rejection, etc. If you are living and breathing, then you will be faced with the need to take shots....

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005 – The Practice Gym – Resiliency

Go here to watch the video,Resiliency Resiliency is one of your primary, "make or break," skills. It's not always going to be easy on your road to success and you need to know how to practice resiliency if you plan on staying in the game and not being forced to check...

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004 – The Practice Gym – Communication Triad

Go here to watch the video: Failing to Success Poor communication skills can make you look and sound bad. How many times have you stumbled in your personal and professional life because of ineffective communication skills? Can you remember when poor communication cost...

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003 – The Practice Gym – Failing to Success

Let me get this out here right now. Failure is not fun, most of the time. It is inevitable in our lives so wouldn't it make sense to learn how to use it instead of it using you? Easier said than done right? If failure hurts so bad and brings back bad memories then why...

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002 – The Practice Gym – Your Working Purpose

In this episode, you will be able to start the process of crafting, "Your Working Purpose." This is the simple process that I have coached my clients through so they have a better understanding of what has shaped and influenced their lives. It doesn't matter if you...

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001-The Practice Gym Intro

  This is the introduction to The Practice Gym podcast with your host Tom Heitz. In this short episode, we will discuss the reasons why you will want to subscribe and listen as well as some of the upcoming episodes. You will also hear why I started this podcast...

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