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What does it mean to, “Take the Shot”?

To take action, especially on something that may make you a little scared or fearing rejection, etc. If you are living and breathing, then you will be faced with the need to take shots.

Why is it important to take shots and or action?

Because many people fail to achieve their desired success due to their lack of action on projects, tasks, and goals. We get scared of failure, rejection, criticism and anything that would look and feel less than empowering. Practicing the discipline of action will pull you towards what’s important to you.

Am I a failure because I haven’t been taking shots?

For the most part no. You are not a failure anymore than I. Reluctance to action is a common habit that affects most people I know from time to time. I personally have to constantly monitor my goals and more importantly take consistent action. Building the muscle of action will help you towards achieving your desired result(s).

What steps can I take if I’m hesitant to, “take the shot”?

First decide where you need to take some action. You know the situation. The one you have been putting off and for which you are making elaborate excuses. Your health, your finances, your relationships, your work, and your business. Get these potential roadblocks out of your head and onto paper and or computer document. Once you have them written down, decide to take one small action you can do, preferably this week or better yet today and then do it. If you need support, find it. Just take one small step and you will start to feel better and see results.

What can you expect to happen once you start taking shots?

You’ll feel confidence due to the simple act of facing your fears. Many people let their fears and anxiety take up residence from inaction. Now is the time for you to upgrade your actions. Your victory is not whether your shot is made are not, but that you actually exercised your emotional and mindset muscle that had grown weak. Once you get a dopamine hit of confidence, you’ll be more inclined to take even more shots, hence repeating the pleasurable process.

What can you do next?

Make this practice of, taking shots, a daily ritual in order to train yourself to become confident, resilient and effective in both your personal and professional lives. Also listen to the podcast and watch the video below to reinforce your learning and how to make this valuable skill set and mindset your secret weapon.

Are you ready to train? Two things to get you started:

1) Here is the video clip that will give you a quick overview of what to expect in video format. My goal is to expand your video options as we move forward.

2) Remember that this whole process is rooted in constant improvement and or practice. Things will not work and or need to be changed so let me know what is working and what is not.

Have a great day and we’ll see you next week:))

Tom Heitz Sr.

P.S. In the meantime, feel free to forward to email to someone you think might benefit from a free membership into the, “Practice Gym.” they can join here.

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