Rebounding from failures, missed opportunities, etc is not easy.

Most people are not prepared for the inevitable pain and suffering of defeat. It’s not a popular topic in life or in business. Most of the time, we choose to focus on what to do in order to succeed and pay little attention to defeat.. That’s not the best strategy, and I’ll explain why.

Why should we spend time on rebounding from defeat and setbacks?

Because when you practice alternative strategies to supplement your primary strategies, you set your self up for rebounding from the setback. If your primary objective falls short, then your alternative strategy can be implemented.

So how do I practice this, “rebounding” strategy?

Start by getting into the mindset of constant improvement. Being in the state of constant improvement means that you are looking for the next step towards success when your initial results are less than desirable. The second step is to develop the habit of documenting your results and what you did to obtain those results. Inspect what you expect. And finally, take action on your secondary strategy towards completion of your desired results. These are trainable habits that will serve you well.

Where does, “rebounding the missed shot,” work best?

It works at the office and at home. In other words, the context of life. Failed business deals, fired from a job, difficulties with people. At home: relationship challenges, weight loss, and financial. It can work anywhere and for anything.

What do I do next?

Listen to the short podcast and video below which will go into simple detail on how to think about and act on, “Rebounding the Missed Shot.”

Are you ready to train? Two things to get you started:

1) Here is the video clip that will give you a quick overview of what to expect in video format. My goal is to expand your video options as we move forward.

2) Remember that this whole process is rooted in constant improvement and or practice. Things will not work and or need to be changed so let me know what is working and what is not.

Have a great day and we’ll see you next week:))

Tom Heitz Sr.

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